43°05‘22.2“N 11°46‘41.5“E - 28.10.2019 - Sundown at 18:07


Exhibition project during the residency at Kolleg für Kunst und Musik in Montepulciano.

During the exhibition some performances took place, in this stage-fragment-space, by Laura Greco, Giorgi Gedevanidze, Irene Kastner, myself and others. This work consists of the curatorial conception, the space defining "stage" fragments and the single works showed inside this area.

Works which are not done by myself are mentioned specially. Realized together with Irene Kastner, Maxi Schumacher, Philippe Derlien and Giorgi Gedevanidze. 




Performance: Pliozän 

During the Pliocene about 5 million years ago, Tuscany was below sea level. Therefore, clams and fossils can still be found in certain areas of the hilly landscape. When building the work 43 ° 05'22.2 "N 11 ° 46'41.5" E, I happened to find shells and used them to create a performance in which I simulate an excavation site and wash the found shells with a brush and water. Afterwards the seashells become part of specially constructed sculptural clay stelae in the countryside, partly for display, partly as piece of the sculpture. The "excavation site" is slightly off the built stage fragments (which were also stage to another performance of an actor) and thus does not force itself on the viewer, but is like a kind of marginal phenomenon for the whole duration of the opening . I too, as a performer, had a reserved attitude at the opening, without speaking or establishing eye contact to the spectators. This was an attempt to cope with these millions of years old eyewitnesses on the outskirts of the city to refer to the time, the matter and the existence of this location at 43 ° 05'22.2 "N 11 ° 46'41.5“ E.