Selling my artworks on

Currently I was working on my art-profile for balthasart, which is an online gallery, where artists can showcase and sell their work in EU.

On their website they state: "Balthasart’s mission is to support up-and-coming artists to increase their visibility and advance their development to the next level without forfeiting their independence." It is the "little sister" of the well-known platform "Singulart", and supports artists by a yearly charge with visibility, advertisement, shipping and payment formalities. Last month they reached out to me and after a phone call with one of their recruiters and some considerations, I thought I would just give it a try and so far I had a good experience with the service. They keep in touch with the artists and reply reliably on private emails, aswell as giving insight on the views. Also they just send out a new work of mine via their newsletter.


Since a few days my profile is online and I uploaded 13 works already, mainly drawings and collages so far, and there is more to come during the next days. So if you are interested in purchasing one of my originals or your are just curious, check it out! :)

You can also follow me on that platform to keep in thouch with my latest works that are for sale, by receiving an email notification.